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We are frequently contacted by our clients with a concern about how to choose the right color for the penis prosthetic.

The reason behind this is mainly because some colors look very similar to each other, especially when you look at them on your monitor or a phone screen.
That's why we created a reference point by using the skin colors of real people.

IMPORTANT: The skin shades are the most accurate when opening the image on the iPhone with the highest brightness. This is not an ad for Apple, solely what we have noticed while opening the image with various devices.

Emisil skin color examples
The chart below illustrates the same skin tones on the prothesis made from silicone. This way you can easily compare skin shades from both of the pictures with your skin color and achieve maximum color compatibility.

If you have any doubts when choosing the most suitable shade (wondering which of the refencence pictures are more accurate), we suggest counting on the photos of colored silicone provided below.

Emisil FTM packers skin color variants 

We are also getting emails with questions if we are sending or selling silicone samples:

Unfortunately, we do not send or sell silicone samples to our clients. If you're wondering why: the main reason is that the silicone products have realistic shading instead of being painted in one solid color. If you compare two images below you can clearly see the small differences (depending on your monitor or phone screen). Our prosthetics come with different layers of colors to achieve a hyper-realistic look, so it’s very important to carefully choose the most accurate color of your prosthetic.

Emisil color S09



Emisil silicone sample S09
COMING SOON: we are constantly developing solutions to make the process of choosing the best skin shade as accurate as possible. Since there are many questions regarding the color samples, we are considering an option of sending color examples on the high-quality matte material instead of silicone (in order to provide the most accurate shades). Stay tuned!

And as the final result, your penis prosthetic will look like this wonderful piece of art! Thanks to our experienced artists and their advanced shading & painting techniques, the products seem to be a hyper-realistic replica of a real part of the body.

Penis prosthetic

Penis color - S09

IMPORTANT! All our prostheses are unique and look different. If you purchase two models of the same color the final results may vary.

Sorry, we are no longer allowed to use the photos of our clients for color matching. 

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