How to clean and wear


Our advice - please clean your prosthetic after each use. A packer or an STP - it doesn’t matter what kind of product you have, they all need to be washed and cleaned regularly. Do you use FTM packer product for sex? If you do, you should wash it before and after sex. The main reason why it is so important to clean the product twice is because the bacteria that cause STIs and STDs can be transferred on the surface of the sex toys. It means that packers and prosthetics are no exception. Prosthetics are made from medical silicone and that is why it is very easy to take care of them. There are only a few things you need: warm water, soap or just an ordinary towel. Please note: it is very important to use only mild, non-scented (and ideally disinfectant), oil-free soap. Wipe your prosthetic with a towel or wash it - both ways are suitable for cleaning. If you feel the need for a deeper cleaning - you can always choose to sanitize your product. It is very easy: submerge your prosthetic in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute. Sanitizing is the best way to avoid the growth of the mold on the product’s surface and kill all the bacteria inside and on the surface of your prosthetic. Please, be sure that your prosthetic is totally dried after sanitizing it. Once it is dried, you can use it again or store it till the next use.



Harness or straps - this is the one of the most popular way to wear your prosthetic. You can feel safe and comfortable while using it. This is a perfect choice to keep your prosthetic in place, tight and secured, even if you have an active daily life. 

Underwear for packing - It is so important to feel confident and comfortable  with your prosthetic every single day. If you want to have your daily life activities without stress and discomfort, we highly recommend choosing underwear for packing. What is the difference between traditional underwear and underwear for your packer? Underwear for packing are really soft, natural and your packer is held in place. You simply can feel relaxed, confident and calm about your prosthetic. There are plenty of different materials, designs and styles you can choose from. You prefer boxers, briefs, “tighty-whitey” underwear? You are free to pick the favourite one for yourself! 


  • O-ring harness is not recommended, because your prosthetic may be damaged by using it. Usually, these rings are made of really hard materials (e.g. metal, plastic). As a result, it could cause the leaking of the tears from your product. 
  • Please be very gentle with your product, because it isn’t designed for hard and rough use. We advise you to pay attention to all the instructions and recommendations on how to use your device. The failure to use the packer as recommended will void any company liability and the client assumes all the responsibility for any damage or injury that occurred. If the prosthetic is damaged because of  the client’s fault - the warranty will be voided and returns or refunds will not be accepted.
  • Our products are made of medical silicone and are absolutely safe, but we don’t recommend using it inside your or your partner’s body for an extensive period of time. Please do not forget to use a water-based condom every time you play! 
  • Be gentle, don’t use any hard things or materials, because it may damage your prosthetic.