FTM Packers

      The Flaccid FTM prosthetics are designed for anxious-free daily wear. With a focus on ultra-realism and comfort, these FTM packers will feel as a natural part of your own body. All models have an exceptional 360° scrotum with movable floating testicles. When choosing from the range of soft packers, be sure to consider all the variables to match your needs – size, material, color, and the overall feel. Emisil offers penis packer options that can become your ideal packing solution. Thanks to a professional design, Emisil FTM packers are incredibly realistic, making the products nearly indistinguishable from a real penis. Emisil flaccid packers distinguish from other prosthetics in the market by lively colors, varied sizes and dimensions, additional hair, and most importantly, an authentic feel. Modify the prosthetic penis to create an ideal extension of yourself.
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